A secure master’s thesis – writing in the cloud

Today’s entry is the result of my last struggle with writing a master’s thesis. The process of creating it takes a considerable amount of our time, and a possible loss would be a big problem. Most of us put copies of this work on various media, on a computer at a colleague or a friend or on different partitions. Today We will show you how to use a modern tool and write a diploma thesis in the cloud.

Why are the ways listed in the introduction unsafe?
The data placed on the computer or laptop depends on the quality of the hard disk and the way it is used. Usually we deal with one disk and different partitions. A failure on the disk usually overrides the ability to recover data or this process will require an adequate payment.

Storage on separate media – external drives, pendrives – is a better solution than storing the file on the same disk as the system. However, this device is fraught with the danger of deterioration. Keeping copies of friends is as safe as external media. To lose data by storing them in two places at once, we would have to be really unlucky. However, what is the basic disadvantage of such a procedure?

Master’s thesis and many copies

Consider a simple case:

We write a diploma thesis and save it to disk and pendrive. We are, however, surprised by the sudden influx of inspiration and this efficient force is rebuilding the structure of our work. We save it, however, under a different name. It is enough that there will be several such copies and a moment of inattention can lead to the removal or omission of one of them when copying to a pendrive.

Another case:

We write the text of our diploma thesis over the weekend, then on Monday we copy its content to the disc of our colleague and continue writing. This process repeats itself and from time to time we copy subsequent chapters or an updated file. Everything would be fine, but between successive file transfers the master’s thesis is not properly secured.

In addition to ensuring security, We think each of us would enjoy the ability to perform and update the work file automatically.

  • Master’s thesis in the cloud
  • Why do you suggest to store files containing the content of your diploma thesis in the cloud?
  • Here are some advantages:
  • The files will be on a server that is owned by the company. Its range of services ensures care for the stability, security and availability of these files not only on laptops and PCs, but also on mobile devices – smartphones and tablets.
  • By installing the application on your device, we create a folder that is part of the server and disk. Changes introduced to the file, if we have an internet connection, are synchronized with the cloud file immediately after saving any changes.
  • Our attention when working with files focuses only on creating and executing a recording from time to time.
  • Having a file in the cloud allows sharing it, and if our promoter proves to be progressive enough, we can work with him online without unnecessary printing or sending subsequent versions of the thesis.
  • How to use the cloud file?
  • Based on my own experience, We can recommend two services that store files in the cloud: Dropbox and Google Drive. Dropbox requires registration, and Google Drive is one of many Google services. If we have Gmail, we’ll have Google Drive access. The first step is to download and install the application.

On the left is a window fragment from Google Drive, clicking on Install Google Drive on your computer will start the download process. During installation, you will need to enter data for login: nickname and password. The right side of the image shows the place from which you can download the Dropbox installer (works on Windows, Linux and OS systems). You will see this window after logging in to the Dropbox website.

After the installation process on Windows systems, two new folders will appear on our disk, respectively Google Drive and Dropbox in the Favorites section. We suggest you choose one of these sites. In my opinion, Dropbox will be more suitable, as it does not require creating an email. We use this option myself.

When writing the file on which the master’s thesis is written, we write it to one of these folders. after clicking the save icon in the text editor, the files will be synchronized with the server. This process is signaled by the delicate gloss of the Google Drive icon in the system tray or the arrow icon if you use Dropbox.

  • The only necessary condition for our Master’s thesis to be registered on the server is to connect to the network. By installing appropriate applications on mobile devices, we can have access to the diploma thesis file
  • In every place. Is it not nicer to write a diploma thesis, somewhere outside the library or four rooms of peace? Or maybe We write a diploma thesis on a park bench?
  • Using cloud of files and mobile devices is possible!


Now that my and your Master’s thesis is safe, we can only focus on its content. We wish you a lot of patience and that you did not leave Wena. Good luck!