How to write a diploma thesis and not go crazy?

The purpose of this blog (the blog as you prefer, because both forms are correct, both as you prefer, because both forms are correct) is an explanation of how well, quickly and correctly write a diploma thesis (and by the way do not go crazy). Contrary to appearances, it’s possible!

Is it worth to ask someone to write a job?
In the network you can find hundreds of adverts of people who offer to write a thesis for you. Not for free of course. Today, a few words about whether to use their services (and why not).

There are a lot of reasons why you should not use the ghostwriter’s help. Here are some of them:

  1. it’s not fair – you break the university law. Nobody will put you in jail, but think about whether receiving a master’s degree will be satisfying for you, if you know that you do not owe it to yourself? If you are struggling for years at lectures, why not fight for self-esteem?
  2. risk – there are few companies that write jobs. Most people do it “quietly.” You can not guarantee that the ghostwriter will fulfill the contract, We know someone who paid the “specialist” for writing a job in advance and … he did not see it anymore. He did not go to the police because he was ashamed to say what he was …
  3. the question of quality – by giving a job written by someone, you have no guarantee that this person has no plagiarism. Besides, by establishing cooperation with someone like that, you rarely know how well someone writes it. It may be that you will pay him money, and in return you will get a crush that your promoter will not even want to spit.

  1. and what will you become the president? Life is like a box of chocolates – said his wife, Forest Gump. Maybe now you are a seller in Tesco, but you do not know who you will be in the future. A person who writes a job for you may want to blackmail you sometime. It may have your e-mails, text messages and, of course, weapons in the form of your own statement, confirming that you have not written your work yourself. A few deputies came this way. We dare say that many did not fall, though they could …
  2. is it really worth it? Writing a job is not really a task that exceeds the skills of a person with average intelligence. If you do not know how to do it, read about it. For example on this blog or in thousands of other sources. The most important is the issue of willingness and regularity.
  3. damage to the cash register – writing a diploma thesis by a ghostwriter, depending on the sense of its own value, costs from several hundred to several thousand zlotys. You will do it for free …
  4. nice defense! The defense of the diploma thesis that we have written is a (big or smaller) stone. The defense of a job that you have not written yourself is associated with preparation, reading sources and stress.

We know that We can not convince many people. If you want to use ghostwriter services, be careful. Use people who work legally (have your own business) or someone you have recommended. Do not be afraid to ask about the experience and education of this person. Do not pay in advance.

Determine the issues of possible corrections and the way of communication. In our country, the sale and purchase of diploma theses is not prohibited by law, but by the internal regulations of the university. It is worth bearing this in mind. With a bit of bad luck and “kind people” you can lose a good name, money and a few years sat in lectures …

How to write a work plan

Sooner or later, depending on the sense of the promoter’s mission, you will be asked to submit a diploma thesis plan. This is nothing but your future table of contents. It is the backbone of the monster that you will soon create. It would be better if you want to create an invalid.

How many promoters, so many ideas for the form of the work plan. Some want Roman numerals, others are ordinary, and others are dots, slippers and whatever else they come up with. Your first work plan will be deleted. Do not worry. She nods. This promoter is the first to accept your work, it is not worth arguing with him at the stage of the “dots”.

Let’s move to the substantive layer. The work plan varies depending on whether your work is purely theoretical or research-oriented. Of course, a lot depends on the subject, but usually:

Research work:

  • at the beginning there are more theoretical chapters, introductory in the subject
  • later you can do a chapter about, for example, how a given topic looks in current research, how many of them were, what were the results, etc., etc.
  • the promoter will probably ask you for a methodological chapter in which you must specify, among others, methods, techniques, purpose and subject of your research. Well done methodology is in subjects such as pedagogy or sociology really important and certainly deserves a separate entry on this blog (which will appear soon)
  • the next chapter is to analyze the results of your research, after which you must submit conclusions
  • the rest is standard, that is the ending and bibliography

Here is an example diagram of the research plan:

Table of Contents

Chapter 1.
The use of juicer by youth

  1. 1. Benefits
    1.2. threats

Chapter 2.
Contact of young people with juicers in the light of existing research
2.1. American research
2.2. Research by the Norwegian institute
2.2. Other tests

Chapter 3.
Methodology of own research
3.1. Subject and purpose of research
3.2. Research problems
3.3. Methods, techniques and research tools
3.4. Characteristics of the research sample
3.5. Place of research

Chapter 3.
Analysis of own research
Final applications



Of course, We wish you that your subjects and research will be a little less mushy than the ones above 🙂

In the case of theoretical work, we do not do research methodology, and the work plan is strictly dependent on its temtat, there is no ready-made scheme. Often at the beginning begins with historical aspects, some basics. The work plan can be created on a general-to-detail basis, i.e. we start with less-related, more general chapters, and end with those closely related to it.

And a few tips at the end:


Do you have to write a bachelor’s degree? Do not do seven chapters, do four. Better less, and neat. Why do you need 200 pages, you really do not want to read it either
Also, take care of the aesthetic side of your plan. Well, if it takes one full page. You can plot with spacing, fonts, spacing, bolding, etc.


Maybe the advice seems banal to some, but We know that for some honored readers it’s really worth the reminder – before you write your plan, “read in.” Do not start doing it when you do not know exactly what you want to write, because you can focus not on what is most important.


Browse the web. Look for jobs similar to yours. Absolutely nothing to copy! Perhaps looking at someone else’s work on a similar topic will dazzle you about your plan.


Even if your plan does not convince you, take him to the seminar. The promoter is there to advise you, something to improve. With a bit of luck, if he sees that your plan is good for nothing, but you care and try, they will outline your own vision